Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So to begin with I apologize for the lack of video, we are having some issues with down loading but hopefully it will get worked out and I can give you something more exciting then just my written words.

Today was full of interesting locations. We began with a stop at Oxford and the old structures in that city are amazing; beautiful architecture and the chapel we toured was really a pleasant surprise. The wood work and the ceiling were my favorite and our guide explained that "fan vaulting" found in this particular chapel was unique to England. You could just feel the history all around us as we walked through a local college and along the streets.

Stratford upon Avon was a good stop. We were able to check out W. Shakespeare's home and even had lunch in the pub where the old playwright fell dead. My Plowman's Lunch was especially tasty with the knowledge I was consuming it at the same spot where such a talented man had probably enjoyed his last meal.

The last stop for the day was Warwick castle and what a stop it was. I hit my head twice while maneuvering through the small passage ways and through the low built doors. It became painfully obvious that the castle was not constructed for someone of my height or girth. The climb to the top of the tower left me breathless for two reasons, the first being the 100 plus steps required to reach the tower and secondly due to the amazing view of the countryside. The historical background surrounding one of the castle's former owners, Richard Nevil (The King Maker), was very interesting and a reminder that political intrigue is not a new idea.

The day was great and the weather perfect, the only thing lacking was my 6 year old son who had to celebrate his birthday without his dad today. Maybe we can get him into Oxford some day and then he can celebrate his 19 birthday in England.

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